توضیحات موقعیت شغلی
  • Appropriate experience in documenting
  • Monitor all types of web services and standards in particular -Restful API
  • Good experience work with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Excellent experience with types of web services and their standards especially Restful API
نیازمندی های موقعیت شغلی
  • Expert in GIT
  • Teamworking
  • Familiar with Scrum
  • Excellent skills in MVC & OOP
  • Good experience in Linux, Nginx
  • Expert in Laravel and/or Symfony
  • Appropriate experience in documenting
  • Expert in Design Patterns, SOLID, Unit Test
  • Fluent in template engine like Blade and/or Twig
  • Excellent proficiency in MySQL and good experience in database design
  • Good knowledge with Front-End languages and technologies in CSS & JS field
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