Server Expert

توضیحات موقعیت شغلی
  • Investigate and fix potential problems
  • Monitor the performance of linux servers, switches, data centers
  • Infrastructure design, server setup, hosting and required domains
  • Monitoring and recording important reports from system resources
  • Check the security of web servers, internal network equipment and database servers
نیازمندی های موقعیت شغلی
  • Experience in configuration Nginx
  • Ability to planning for high traffic websites
  • Full familiarity with configuring Linux Servers
  • 3 years experience in managing Linux Servers
  • Good ability to implement load balancing Servers
  • Expert in installation and setting up web services
  • Good ability to implement the environment of CI/CD
  • Expert in working with Automation tools like Ansible
  • Familiarity with managing Hosting Servers is necessary
  • Good knowledge with Server security and preventing cyber attacks on the Server
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